Comprehensive Services

An Impressive Range of Vehicles and Comprehensive Services – All Under One Roof
We appreciate the fact that you’ve decided to buy a new or used car from Colmobil, and welcome you to the Colmobil family! Rest assured that this is only the beginning of our commitment to you – we’ll be there for you at every turn.
Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, planning on trading your own vehicle in, searching for car financing or insurance, or simply looking for a reliable service center, you’re able to stay within the Colmobil group. You’ll discover professionalism, respect and reliability in our interactions with you, as well as discounts and other valuable Colmobil benefits that lead you into the right vehicle and out onto the road with a smile on your face.Our customers are the focus of our whole enterprise. Our approach is that at every point in every transaction, we do our best to find the right vehicle for you at the right price, and affiliate it with the ancillary services you need to get the deal done – your way.  You don’t have to independently compare banks, insurers, service centers … as a member of the Colmobil family, your needs are taken care of with the highest level of professionalism and customer care, and all under one roof, no matter which Colmobil model you select.Colmobil has been in business for more than 50 years. Our vast experience, highly trained professionals and leadership role in the Israeli auto market is a clear benefit to you, the customer, in so many ways.  We’ve selected and imported marques, and have a history of offering services and advanced solutions first, before anyone else in the nation has even considered them. All of this expertise and all of our connections and innovations have been refined so that we can give each individual purchaser exactly what he or she wants, in important areas:
Financing solutions for purchasing new models – a variety of smart financing solutions that allow each customer to pay in the way best suited to them.
Insurance – our insurance specialists offer policies perfectly matched to Colmobil models and your needs, at the most attractive prices.
Service centers – our professional mechanics provide service at the highest global standards, with uncompromising customer service.
Vehicle upgrade – our innovative used car and trade-in centers allow you the option of upgrading your vehicle to a newer model with a guarantee of reliability. Your choices range from the finest pre-owned cars to brand new models from top manufacturers that Colmobil has been importing for decades.
Step onto our spotlight, everything you need is perfectly taken care of. 

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