While many consider Colmobil simply a car business, it’s really a people business. Behind the Colmobil Group are countless, talented individuals with initiative, vision, and values, who harness their power and intelligence to lead the Israeli vehicle industry toward new horizons. Our team is dedicated to its customers, and will provide them with all the security and satisfaction that a new car can provide.

Dr. Shmuel Harlap
Yoav Harlap
Vice Chairman
Assaf Harlap
Zvi Pollak
Yaniv Shirazi
Ron May Tal Weinfeld
Davidi Piamenta
EVP Passenger Cars
Emil Kareen
EVP Commercial & Transport vehicles
Alon Marmelshtein
EVP Real Estate
Dafna Tamir
CEO Colmobil Financial Solutions Ltd
Amir Gabel
General Counsel
Shuki Hoori
EVP Car Services
Doron Falach
EVP Business Technologies Officer
Michal Kochav Nitzan
EVP Human Resources
טופס יצירת קשר

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