Vision & Values

Colmobil Group's Mission

"To develop and provide the most fitting solutions, products and services

in the auto industry for our customers, while continuously increasing value for company shareholders".

Colmobil Group's Vision

"Colmobil Group’s constant objective is to be the leader and the high point of reference in the auto industry.

We will continue to convey added value, enjoyment, a sense of belonging and pride

to each and every one of our customers, employees and business partners".

Business Responsibility

Our actions originate from our core focus: being results-oriented, using a broad outlook and possessing a comprehensive, responsible approach toward business. In every decision we deliberate at length, taking into consideration the effect any action will have on all aspects of our operation, and then evaluate the balance between the short-term and long-term effects.

אחריות עסקית

Customer Orientation

We’re attentive to the needs of our customers, and do whatever is in our power to offer both comprehensive solutions and services at the highest levels, in ways that exceed their expectations.


We challenge ourselves in order to find unique and innovative resolutions and encourage “thinking outside the box”. We compel involvement and accomplishment that goes beyond the standard responsibilities that are associated with our job titles. “Acceptable” is never something that we’re satisfied with.



We don’t compromise our principles of integrity, fairness and reliability. We make good on our promises, speak the truth even when it isn’t pleasant, and demand the highest ethical standards from ourselves and from others. We play and win – by the rules.


We are driven by a commitment to excellence. We specialize in the field in which we operate, carefully plan our activities, and get it right the first time. As professionals, we are committed to constant learning, improvement, and development, as well as to constant analysis, deliberation and implementation of the best practice.


We treat every individual with respect, care and trust. We are attentive to those around us, and are committed to see to the welfare and personal development of our employees.


Our success is dependent on our capacity to act as a single entity – one that makes the most of its capabilities by giving each organizational unit and every employee within the company a platform to express their unique abilities. We cherish and respect diversity among people, and believe in teamwork and open communication, as well as sharing of ideas and skills.