2007 – ERP system implementation

In a massive technological changeover, and one that would improve service, communication and efficiency in total operations, Colmobil converted all the groups’ computer servers and consoles around one ERP system, and thereby consolidated the sales, server, supply and finance processes for all brands and units.

2006 – Colmobil markets “Fuso” trucks in Israel

Colmobil received the rights to import "Fuso" light trucks from Daimler (this brand was owned in the past by Mitsubishi and still carries the company’s badge to this day). The first model that Colmobil marketed was the “Fuso Canter”, a light truck built to transport light cargo, and which even today is considered one of the best and most popular work vehicles.

2002 – Colmobil imports an innovative concept: Smart

Colmobil launched an innovative concept vehicle by Daimler into Israel under the name “Smart”. Colmobil was the first importer to identify the unique need for a small and comfortable urban vehicle, perfectly embodied by the Smart. This efficient urban concept combined the comfort of a small vehicle with two normal sized seats with fuel efficiency, easy maneuverability in crowded city streets, parking anywhere, wrapped in a fashionable, contemporary shape.

2000 –Launching "Debis", Daimler and Colmobil’s finance company

Colmobil responded to a need it identified with customers, and offered one-stop financing solutions when purchasing a vehicle, and together with Daimler Worldwide, established “Daimler Finance Solutions”. The joint company started operating under the name ”Debis”. This became the first time a vehicle manufacturer collaborated with a local importer on the subject of finance.