2013 – Mitsubishi celebrates 25 years

Since 1988, Mitsubishi has steadily built a solid base in Israel, becoming adored and extremely popular thanks to the advanced technology, accessories, and impeccable service and reliability of its models. Mitsubishi celebrates its 25-year anniversary by launching the Mitsubishi Space Star in Israel – an urban, fuel efficient and light super-mini.

2013 – Mercedes Israel celebrates 50 years

Mercedes Israel celebrates 50 years of Israeli presence, starting from the signing of the first franchise agreement with Colmobil until the present day. Over those years, Mercedes Israel watched the country go through years of recession, wars and combat operations, tempered with incredible achievements and spectacular successes. To mark the 50 year anniversary, Mercedes launches the new S Class in Israel – considered to be the best luxury car in the world.

2011 – Hyundai tops car sales in Israel

Colmobil proves that Hyundai’s tagline “The Quiet Success” has coverage – in a big way. Colmobil led Hyundai, the popular, reliable and fuel-efficient Korean car, to become the sales record holder in 2011. This marked the second time that a Colmobil brand found itself at the top of the vehicle sales charts, following in the successful footsteps of Mitsubishi, which enjoyed a revolutionary introduction in the ‘90s.