Group Structure

We believe in a flexible organizational structure that allows us to focus on our customers' needs and provide them with a comprehensive range of products and services, at international standards.

The group consists of business departments, business services and the group Headquarters:

Commercial Departments: Private vehicles, luxury vehicles, transport and people moving. We represent the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers: Hyundai, Genesis, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and Smart and maintain a close, professional relationship with our partners, the vehicle manufacturers.

Business Services: Provide a wide range of specialized services to the group's customers – all at the highest levels of quality and excellence. From service centers providing outstanding services based on the knowledge and professional standards set by the vehicle manufacturers, to the delivery site and Logistics Center, responsible for preparing vehicles for delivery and the supply of spare parts to all the group's service centers and on to the Colmobile Group’s Marketing, Finance and Insurance Divisions which are unique to Israel’s automotive industry providing financial services to the group's customers.

Group Headquarters: Provides professional, in-house support services. Services include: the group's financial system; Human Resources, which works to create opportunities for advancement,  promotion and growth as well as the development of training programs and managerial development courses; Information Technology systems which are responsible for the establishment and development of advanced computing infrastructures, processes and projects that are necessary for regulating organizational processes and the methodological management of projects; and the Legal Department, which is responsible for the Group's contractual obligations and  relationships with its customers, suppliers and partners and for maintaining a work environment that mirrors regulations and the Group's values.

All units operate under one roof and provide an all-all-embracing, comprehensive and professional solution in a Group that brings together consummate professionals, all of whom are leaders in their own field, allowing us to provide a total system for customer care of the highest possible quality and standards.

Group Structure

Dr. Shmuel Harlap  Chairman
Yoav Harlap  Vice Chairman
Assaf Harlap  Director
Zvi Pollak  Director
Yaniv Shirazi  CEO
Business units
  • Erez Sabag - Private car
  • Emil Kareen - Transport
  • Gili Priante - Luxury
  • Itzik Turgeman - Services
Business Services
  • Dana Jagerman - Financial Solutions
  • Yaniv Shushan - Services & Operations
  • Yuval Gur - Marketing & CX
Group headquarters
  • Ron May-Tal Weinfeld - Finance
  • Michal Kochav Nitzan - HR
  • Doron Falach - Business Tech
  • Yigal Yanay - Processes & Projects
  • Amir Gabel - General Counsel