Group Structure

The flexible organizational structure of Colmobil Group was strategically designed to be fully adaptable to client requirements and tightly focused on their needs. It is divided into three main units: Business Divisions UnitBusiness Services Unit and Headquarters Unit.
Each unit is streamlined to concentrate its attention on customers’ needs, providing integrated and comprehensive products and services adhering to international standards.
The Business Divisions Unit includes the the Private Vehicle Group, the Luxury Vehicle Group, the Commercial Vehicle Group and the Transport & Distribution Group. These divisions represent the world’s leading vehicle brands – Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mercedes and Smart. Colmobil Group partners with these vehicle manufacturers and maintains a close contact that is longstanding, mutual and professional.
The Business Services Unit provides top-notch expertise to the Group’s clients, with industry-leading excellence. From the service centers that perfectly operate according to professional knowledge and standards set by the vehicle manufacturers, to the Financing and Insurance Group, which is exclusive to the Colmobil Group throughout the automotive industry in Israel, and offers financial services to its clients.
Colmobil Group’s Headquarters Unit offers internal professional support services:
  • Financial Department managing the group’s financial operations
  • Human Resources Department handling professional promotion and development opportunities, while planning training programs and staff management skills.
  • Business Technologies launching and developing advanced technological systems.
  • Legal Department managing and negotiating contractual agreements with clients, vendors and partners, and maintaining the work environment according to the Group's regulations and values.
  • Logistics & Operations Department preparing the vehicles to the highest possible standard for delivery, while maintaining a complete spare parts inventory at all of the group’s service centers.
These three units operate under a single roof, and offer a holistic, comprehensive and professional solution. The Colmobil group is comprised of leading professionals in the automotive industry, providing its clients a top notch and complete service cycle.

Group Structure


Dr. Shmuel Harlap

Vice Chairman

Yoav Harlap


Assaf Harlap
Zvi Pollak


Yaniv Shirazi
  • Business Divisions
  • Passenger Cars
    Davidi Piamenta
  • Commercial Vehicles
    Emil Kareen
  • Business Services
  • Financial Services Group
    Dafna Tamir
  • Headquarters
  • Finance
    Ron May Tal Weinfeld
  • Human Resources
    Michal Kochav Nitzan
  • Car Services
    Shuki Hoori
  • Business Technologies
    Doron Pelach
  • Legal
    Amir Gabel